Buying Products From China

How to Buying Goods From China To UK

Businesses in the UK are often interested in importing from China. In comparison to other countries around the globe, UK has pretty strict laws in place when it comes to importing products. buying goods from China to UK, therefore, requires you to be aware of the laws, regulations, labeling requirements, and lots more. Buying products from China via Supplybase Solutions enables you sit back and relax while our team assists you through the process from the beginning till the end. If you pay proper attention to it, importing from China to UK can boost the range of goods and services that you offer your clients and also reduce the related costs, thereby giving a competitive edge to your business.

Guide to Importing from China to the UK

As a business, when you’re buying goods from China to UK, there are a few guidelines you need to remember that will make the whole process much easier for you. Here’s what needs to be ensured from buying products from china:

Make Sure to Have an Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) Number

For keeping a track of both imported as well as exported goods, UK customs make use an Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) Number. Businesses within the EU must have an EORI if they want to import commercial cargo from China. This number is required when you need to get a commercial invoice while employing a Chief system, and also while submitting an electronic export declaration. All you have to do to get an EORI number is apply for it online, and you will receive it approximately within the next three days.

Research About Licenses and If Your Goods are Banned from buying goods from china to UK

If your business falls under the surveillance control category, it entails obtaining a license before buying products from china. You can visit the Department for International Trade to find out if you require a license and how to get one. Import controls could also apply to certain goods. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that any of the goods you want to import have the import controls imposed on them. There are three types of controls at present, namely surveillance, bans, and quotas. Surveillance is about ensuring that the import is monitored with the help of licenses, bans is when the import is not allowed, and quotas pertain to the restriction regarding the volume of goods.

Employ the Correct Commodity Code

Visit the UK Government Trade Tariff to discover the right commodity code for the products you need to import from China. In addition to the commodity code, you can also look up the VAT and duty taxes. Commodity codes aid in classifying the goods you import so you can look up any associated duty reliefs, find out about any duty or VAT fees you might have to pay, and complete the declarations along with any other paperwork.

Register with the CHIEF System

The Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system is used by importers, exporters, and freight forwarders to look for errors, input customs data, and calculate duties and taxes. It examines the goods and allows for quicker entry for the low-risk goods and also checks which of the consignments require documentation. Registering with CHIEF is necessary to declare your imported goods.

Pay the VAT Fee

When buying goods from china to UK, businesses need to pay the VAT along with the total sum of customs value and import duty. Customs value is the total cost of the imported products including any developmental costs and import duty fee you are required to pay to your supplier. Paying the impending VAT fee is important, and make sure to pay the VAT if you have registered for it. You can also claim it back using your standard VAT return.

The invoices and labels you use should contain all the details, including the details of the receiver and sender. Other required details include commodity codes, full description of the products being imported, and the quantity and value of the goods.

Get a Power of Attorney (POA) and Customs Registration (CR) Number

A power of attorney and CR number are needed while buying goods from china to UK for the non-documented goods irrespective of their value apart from personal effects. Registering with the customs authorities is a must for those who want to import from China. This is needed for getting an importer CR number, which needs to be displayed on the commercial invoice for clearing customs.

When you collaborate with Supplybase Solutions, we help you with everything, right from acquiring a CR number and POA to all the other steps to make your importing and product sourcing from China to UK as hassle-free as possible. Our company has a team working 24×7 so you can reach out to our representatives regarding the custom limits of imported goods and more.

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