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Supplybase Solutions can offer help with your purchasing of many materials and finished products, cost reductions of existing items, new projects and outsourcing. Contact Supplybase Solutions for a flexible tailor-made service and profit from our experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide UK based manufacturing and engineering companies with competitive advantage through intelligent global sourcing and supply chain management.

UK based China sourcing services

Importing products from China is no child’s play. The amount of energy, money, and trust involved is easy to baffle the biggest of stalwarts.

So, it is always advisable to hire expert assistance from the UK based logistics and warehousing in times of such needs.

Why use a sourcing agent?

Product sourcing and importing from China is one of the most trending and beneficial activities for businesses in the UK. These products not only lie under the budget but also help in lowering your additional costs involved in extensive R&D.

No matter if you are dealing with end-products or with the first-level basic materials, components, turned parts supply, or anything and everything related to your operational business, outsourcing can actually help your business reach a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Considering the multi-faced factors that require personalised attention during the entire process of your product-import, like Selecting a supplier, inspecting the manufacturer, following up with the deliverable timelines, receiving the orders, complying with the legal requirements, and tones of others, Managing the entire process on one’s own is clearly bound to add up to your time and responsibility. Therefore to ensure you are focusing on your business’s KPIs while devoting customized attention to each step of this process, it is advisable to hire expert guidance from UK based China sourcing services.

Why choose us?

We at Supply Base solutions offer you top notch sourcing services from China that involve purchasing of materials and finished products, cost reductions of existing items, and also new project innovations and outsourcing.

As a UK based China sourcing service provider, our ultimate goal and sole mission is to advantage UK based manufacturing and engineering companies like you with our intelligent global sourcing services and supply chain management.

With over 25 years of work experience in this industry we have assisted hundreds of our clients with our end-to-end one stop destination resources!


Here is how we help benefit your business

Product sourcing from China

We assist you in identifying and collaborating with the best product manufacturers in China withthe help of our on-ground team in Ningbo. Our team makes sure the manufacturers understand each and every one of your specific requirements and therefore deliver desired results.

Warehousing/Delivery services

We Analyze and understand the difficulties faced by most suppliers when it comes to storing their products, hence we offer our clients exclusive storage at superb rates to alleviate the pressure of storing MOQs.

Project Management

Apart from purchasing materials & finished goods, and cost reductions of existing systems, we also help you on-board and execute new projects and relevant outsourcing.

Product inspections

As a leading UK based logistics and warehousing service provider we not only source your requirements but also conduct quality product inspections to ensure you receive top-notch quality parts every time.