importing from china


If you actually sat back and wrote down all the things you have to consider when importing from China - you would probably never even pick up the phone or go on the internet to source a solution for your desired goal. Below is a snapshot of what you must consider:

All costs -We offer a service which is completely transparent on all costs with NO hidden extras, we offered delivered prices in and can offer payment terms subject to approval.

Product checking - our team on the ground in China will ensure product is of the highest quality with on-site inspection and factory visits.

Shipping - All quoted costs are inclusive of shipping costs; local taxes and we fully manage shipping and any warehousing for all our clients

Communication - Our team will manage all communications either in Chinese or English

Importing from China

Importing from China is not always a smooth ride, there are always risks involved. One might come across such suppliers who overcharge, mix the product requirements or even at times leave you hanging with your money stuck or worse, gone.

Fortunately, we at Supplybase Solutions cover each and every one of these risks for you and offer you top-notch import services from China at our one-stop destination!

Language problems

When talking about trading companies, you can easily find English-speaking coordinators, but that is not necessarily the case with wholesale markets.

At Supplybase Solutions Ltd, we ensure a well-coordinated effort on both of our behalf to equip you with the best UK product certifications and standards when importing from China.

Our English-speaking Chinese office staff can work seamlessly with Chinese only speaking businesses.

High price and costs involved

Overcharging or additional costs are one of the most common practices that importers face.

When working with us, we ensure that there is a good relationship with the suppliers and manufacturers of your target products. We offer you a service which is completely transparent at all costs with NO hidden extras.

Quality issues

Absence from the location where your products are being manufactured definitely makes it difficult to keep a check on their quality.

Therefore, with the help of our on-ground team in China, we supervise the entire procedure and also provide you with samples even before your bulk order, so you are allowed to cross check the quality.

Lastly your business is with a UK based Ltd company, any issues are managed by SBS.

Time involved

Undoubtedly, searching for the right manufacturer and supplier can turn out to be a tedious task.

So, to provide you with a one-stop solution, we function on a punctual timeline with orders and with our on-site presence we can tackle any kind of unforeseen hindrance. There will be no need to travel to China.


When it comes to importing your goods from other countries like China, the liability of paying taxes and duties to UK customs becomes a necessity.

We at Supplybase take care of everything regarding your sourcing from china to UK including the goods declaration, customs, to payment of UK VAT and duty.

To summarize, we assist you in reducing the time and energy involved in this entire process and also help you pay more attention and focus on your core business. Let SBS manage the supplier so you can focus on the sales and product development.

With our teams available in both the UK and China, we ensure that there are no compromises made when it comes to the quality, quantity, or even the legal requirements of our clients.

Call us today to help make your product sourcing stress free! On 01427 810417